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Episode I: Reformational Preaching. Featuring Jeff Rose & JeremiahCry Ministries. $14.99. Order Episode I here. Click the link order now.)
About The Show:
Welcome to "Street Preacher...a day in the Life." People are used to seeing typical preachers all the time… in the pulpit, on TV, teaching in a classroom, and when they do, rarely do they think it's something unusual.

On the other hand, very seldom do we experience "street preachers." And when we do, it often causes us to wonder. You may even ask, "Is it biblical to preach the gospel "publicly" like that? What about those people who don't want to hear the message?" Street preachers cause many other questions as well. "Does this harm the message of Christianity?" "Is it lawful to preach on the corner?" "Do street preachers have jobs and families?" "Are they mentally stable?" "Should more Christians be street preaching?" Many questions such as these arise, even within the church.
Why the questions? Well, when the average person thinks of a street preacher, they typically think about that one time when they saw a crazy looking, confused, longhaired radical yelling "turn or burn" on the street corner. Unfortunately, this typically comes to mind.

Don't get me wrong, street preaching is pretty unpredictable and there are some preachers who may seem absolutely crazy to the average person.

But, when you look at scripture, you rarely see preaching done in a church building behind a pulpit. What you find is street preaching. Street preaching is nothing new. In the Bible, we see Noah, Jonah, Amos, Jesus, Paul and many others proclaiming the Word of God, not within the four walls of a church, but in the public, where people gather. Yes, street preaching is one of the primary methods in scripture that God uses to announce His kingdom, save the lost and revive His people. So why is it so misunderstood?
"Street Preacher...a day in the Life" is a 60 minute, real-life, up-close and personal look into the world of street preaching. It uncovers the truth about this little known ministry, plus reveals what God is doing right now, all over the world within the world of street preaching. If you ever thought street preachers were crazy, or that street preaching was a waste of time, non-productive or repelling to Christianity, I guarantee you will be shocked when you see this program. If you are a street preacher, I believe you will be greatly encouraged by the program as well.

You'll get to watch up close as these unknown men of God, (who are called by God to publicly proclaim His gospel of grace-lovingly, boldly and sometimes unpredictably) take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets. Many have full time jobs. Some have large families. Some have no families. Some are grand parents. Some have sold everything to street preach. Some are the least likely to ever be called. Regardless, they are all called to step out into the street and preach the gospel regardless of the costs.

Whatever your opinion is about street preaching, I’d like to invite you to come with me behind the scenes and discover the truth about street preaching and street preachers for yourself. You'll discover the how's, the why's and the fruits of this amazing calling. Plus, you'll see the unpredictable lives many street preachers live in order to do what they are called to do...preach the gospel on the streets regardless of the culture or society they live in.
Come discover firsthand how God is doing what He's always done...sending His preachers into the pubic square to proclaim His message of repentance, justice, grace and hope. We'll go to the courthouses, the train stations, the street corners, college campuses and everywhere else people gather.

It's our prayer that if God is calling you to publicly preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, this program will encourage you, challenge you and inspire you to urgently "go." We pray it will also move Christians everywhere to set aside their opinions and prejudices about this calling and begin supporting biblical street preachers abroad with prayer and encouragement. All to His glory.

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