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About the documentary & Go Stand Speak Ministries
"Street Preacher..."a day in the Life" is a brand new documentary-reality program that documents the experiences, trials, lives, thoughts and ministries of various street preachers.

This program is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ with the hope that He will raise up an entire army of God-honoring street preachers to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom in the highways and byways of their cities and neighborhoods.


We believe that the scriptures teach that God saves, hardens, and sanctifies people through the preaching of the gospel. The Bible is full of examples.

It's also evident that in practically every revival of the past, God has raised up and used preachers to proclaim and communicate His gospel in the streets and where people gather, outside of the church building. Scripture and history clearly show that one of the ways that God builds His kingdom is through the public proclamation of His Word.
Why then is this biblical method of kingdom building and soul winning so shunned by the modern church? "Street Preacher...a day in the Life" aims to reveal the truth about street preaching and help dispel the myths and stereotypes that have developed over the years.

We imagine the Holy Spirit moving the body of Christ to work together to resurrect this age old method of proclamation within the church, with the hopes of reforming our church, nation, cities and families to the glory of God. We believe God is still using street preachers to pave the way for revival among His body and to save those that will believe through the public proclamation of His gospel on the streets.
"Street Preacher..."a day in the Life" is produced by Go Stand Speak Ministries and hosted by Pat Necerato.

Go Stand Speak Ministry’s (GSSM) primary focus is to glorify God through the announcement and application of the gospel to all of society. Through film-making, preaching, teaching and discipleship, GSSM is committed to restoring the biblical gospel, doctrines, Christian values and biblical standards our country was built upon. GSSM provides various teaching and preaching resources to the church in these areas.

Pat Necerato is a husband, father of three, homeschool dad, business owner, seminary student, and street preacher.

He is also founder of Go Stand Speak Ministries. 8 years ago Pat met with a pastor and explained that he felt he (Pat) was called to preach the gospel in the streets, in public.

The pastor discouraged Pat and warned him that it was outdated and not relevant anymore to our culture. Although it didn’t seem to make sense (since that’s how God proclaimed his message since the beginning,) Pat followed this advice and began to wait for opportunities to preach indoors.Then, as Pat has explained, "I caught a video of street preaching in NYC and I said...that’s it...I don’t need anything formal. I don't need to wait for pulpit…I just need to go stand and speak where people gather. The next day I think I was out on the street preaching." What about you? What's your story? We'd
love to hear about it and use it to encourage others who are being called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in the streets and rooftops.

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